Top 5 Benefits Of Cushie Cushion Slides?

Cushie Cushion Slides are not just TikTok’s most trendy and popular slides, they are much more than that. These slides contain many beneficial factors that will aid in the healing and health of your feet. Below we will discuss 5 out of the many benefits you will see when wearing these slides at home or even out.

Having shoes that are dedicated to either indoor or outdoor use is extremely important in keeping yourself safe and your house clean. Below we will discuss some of the various benefits of wearing your Cushie Cushion Slides that you might not be aware of. 

Benefit 1 → Relieve Pain

Cushie Cushion Slides are ergonomically designed. While comfort and style were kept in mind when developing and manufacturing these slides, the design was just as important. Each pair was properly angled to balance the pressure and take the weight off the ball of your foot. This is an important aspect as it will not only relieve foot pain but the angle and knee pain too!

Benefit 2 → Protect Your Feet From Household Accidents

Cushie Cushion Slides are created with an anti-slip design. This allows you to freely move around your house without the fear of slipping or tripping. The grip also reduces the chances of falling when moving around any outdoor terrain. Because the anti-slip mechanism is made out of high-quality materials, your foot will never slip out and be free of both blisters and or chafing. Additionally, the quality fabrics protect your feet from accidental mishaps such as breaking or dropping something in your house. Because the slides are machine safe and have detachable insoles, cleaning your shoes has never been easier. Simply place the slides in the washing machine or wash the insoles on their own. They will come out perfect, clean, and bright every time! 

Benefit 3 → Decreases The Risk Of Catching A Cold 

It is no secret that cold feet make you more susceptible to bad bacteria, allowing common colds, and or the flu to invade your body. It is known that cold feet change the way and strength level of your body’s ability to fight off these bacteria. This is why always wearing your Cushie Cushion Slides is essential to your health and overall wellness. These slides are also made out of waterproof materials, making them perfect for either an indoor or outdoor shoes. They will keep your feet dry and warm as well as protect your feet from bacteria on the floor.  

Benefit 4 → Attain True Comfort

Cushie Cushion Slides are made out of the best materials, one of them being EVA. This type of plastic does not require a plasticizer and is both BPA-free and sulfur-free. These slides are incredibly soft, durable, and contain compression-recovery qualities. This allows the slides to mold to your feet, making them extremely comfortable. Because the slides have a low water absorption, they keep the shoes odour-free while helping those with sweaty feet feel dry. You will truly feel your best and attain a level of comfort that you will not find in any other slides!

Benefit 5 → Increase Blood Flow

Whether you have swollen, sore feet from a health condition or just have poor blood circulation, these slides are for you. These slides are designed to mold to your foot, making them fit perfectly. This in conjunction, with the way these slides are made, allows your feet to feel supportive. These aspects are what encourages blood flow which in turn helps reduce swollen and sore feet. 

Because of the design and materials used when constructing these shoes, you can be confident that will aid in helping you feel and look your best. After a long day, sliding into these comfy and soft slides will be the highlight of your day. Try them out and put them to the test!

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