About us

About Us

Welcome to Cushie Cushion Slides! Here we offer a variety of colours and sizes in our comfiest, one-of-a-kind slide. If your looking for a sustainable and durable shoe that will last you a lifetime, you have come to the right place. Style, comfort and quality were our main focus when developing the Cushie Cushion Slides. We sought out top, high-quality fabrics that are both environmentally friendly and free of toxic chemicals in order to keep our promise in delivering the best slides in the market. Here at Cushie Cushion Slides we also value innovation in both fashion and functionality. This is why we set out to find the most creative minds to construct a shoe that will satisfy our consumers while staying on-trend. Our slides are waterproof, easy to clean, anti-slip and will even relieve foot pain. Because our slides are designed with ergonomics in mind, you will never have to settle for comfort again. Look your best and feel your best all day long in our Cushie Cushion Slides

To ensure our customer’s satisfaction, we are dedicated to listening to their feedback and providing them with exceptional customer service, transparency and integrity. We value our customers and strive to keep meaningful relationships with them. 

If you have questions, or if you would like to make any feedback, please contact us by e‑mail.

email id: info@cushiecushionslides.com
Address: 3200 North America Drive, Buffalo, New York, 14224

Step into one of our Cushie Cushion Slides, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!